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Author: Mustakim

I am a graduate student (Ph.D.) in Computer Science at Florida State University. I am glad to be supervised by Dr. Zhi Wang. My research interest is in System and Software Security. Specifically, my research is focused on low-level code bug detection and defense mechanism through static and dynamic binary analysis with compiler support. Besides that, I am studied on heap exploitation, virtualization, and crash recovery technique. I participate in algorithmic, programming, and capture the flag contests. I also have a blog on tutorial for learning various tools mostly related to security research. I have completed my bachelor from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (2012) in Computer Science and Engineering and later joined in Samsung R&D Bangladesh (2012) as Android Application Developer. I have started my Ph.D. track program at Florida State University from Fall'2015 and have passed Qualification Exam (2017).

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